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I’m in the UK so doesn’t really make much difference. Have you considered a subscription option? Cut out the Kick Starter tax, plus a regular predictable income. I find I’m buying a lot of your output anyway.

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Voted, for yes.

For me the main issue for most parcels sent from the UK is that sellers choose the Royal Mail International Economy service, which is untraceable, although there is a postal item number (usually starting with U and ending with GB) on the parcel, but either they aren’t aware of it, either they don’t bother informing me about, as the think it’s of no use.

So, quite often I’m asked by the Customs to submit online the invoice (or any proof of purchase, such as a copy of the KS email message) for a parcel that I don’t know who the sender is!

That becomes even worse if the description is very generic (such as: comic-book), or the seller’s name doesn’t appear on the parcel (usually because they use a third-party distribution/ warehouse service), or it’s printed on the opposite side of the recipient’s name (usually with smaller packages/ envelopes), so, it doesn’t appear at the description I get at the Customs online platform.

When that happens, either I have to spend a day on phone calls to figure out who the sender is, or I have to spend a day at the District Customs Office, to locate the parcel, pay the taxes and duties, etc. A total waste of time!

To be honest, when the sender has correctly filled the Customs Declaration form (as it is my experience with Blue Fox),or, when there is the option for registered mail with tracking, I never faced any issue.

I get an email, I sign-in to my Post account, I pay the VAT and Duties, and I’m ready to collect.

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Voted, but for me the main issue is how tiring is the customs procedure in my country, most times it involves visiting 2 or 3 times the post office just to grab a comic, that's why I've stopped backing physical rewards.

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Voted, what it would really help me is that Kickstarter would add the Ioss (Import One Stop Shop) because then I wouldn't need to pay an extra 3 euro fee to Finnish post company on top of the vat taxation.

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